January 25, 2017

Skip the MBA, Build Your Network Instead

Carrie Kerpen

Before Morgan Greco was Vice President, Social Media Business Development at HISTORY, Lifetime, A&E, and FYI, she was a young woman at the start of her career. She had studied at Penn State and, thanks to an internship, she knew that she wanted to work at Viacom. So she did what most social media savvy job searchers would do: She logged onto LinkedIn. Greco did a search, found people who worked at Viacom, and asked if she could buy them coffee. The one person who responded? A senior executive who worked in finance. Taken aback, Greco decided to ask him something that had been weighing on her mind: “Should I get my MBA?”

His advice: Skip it. Go straight for the networking and industry experience instead.

In our conversation below, Greco tells the story of how the power of networking landed her a job at her dream company and explains why there’s an open field for women to connect.

This article originally appeared in Forbes.

Tags: Best Practices, Influencer, Influencer Marketing, LinkedIn, Strategy

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