January 19, 2017

Essential Steps for Content Production

Social media strategy is important but if you don’t have a solid implementation process, you may not be getting the results you’re looking for. I asked Jaime Gullotti, Likeable Media Project Manager, about what it takes to quickly make quality creative for social media.

What’s the biggest hurdle you deal with when producing content for a client?

The biggest hurdle is trying to ensure quality is the best it can be given the short turnaround times we’re working with.

Would you say social media moves faster than other forms of branded digital content?

Absolutely. Social media is fast-paced. It speaks to what’s going on in the world now. The content needs to be dynamic and capable of making an impact that leaves a strong impression.

What’s been a recent change you’ve made or experienced that has really helped you in your role?

A project manager needs to have the ability to look at everything and everyone from a bird’s-eye view. There’s always a lot of moving pieces, so constant communication has been where the majority of my success comes from. Learning how each person works is my biggest challenge at the moment. I’ve begun one-on-ones with both creatives and AMs and that has helped me gain a better understanding of how each person works as an individual and team member.

What makes a brand great to work with? What can marketers do on their end?

You can’t ask for anything better than when a brand gives you the creative ability to take an idea and run with it. If we had the ability to pitch our expertise in a way that attracts each client to let us do this, that would be ideal.

Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Strategy

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