January 20, 2017

Grubhub CMO Barbara Martin Coppola on All The Social Ladies

Barbara Martin Coppola is the CMO at Grubhub which is an incredible food delivery service that blends an amazing technology with really yummy food! She’s had quite the career story living in nine different countries throughout her career which is something she prioritized early and often. You’ll hear what it’s like to live all over the world and what it’s like to bring food to a higher level at Grubhub.


Key Topics

  • The Story of Barbara’s Career
  • Being a Better Marketer
  • Her Vision for Social Media

How do you immerse yourself into new cultures and become comfortable? What is your advice for our listeners?

Be humble and be observant. Challenge your own convictions. That doesn’t mean that you have to turn your own values upside down but it does mean to be open-minded to differences. Establish connections with other human beings through communication and by opening your heart. It really can pay dividends and will help you become part of the community. You may not always be in control, that’s part of the learning and what makes it a fascinating journey.

What was it like to work somewhere that was really at the cutting edge of technology?

Working at Google was fantastic. It’s a place where ideas go far. I learned so much there in my 7 years and I’m applying some of the learnings to my position at Grubhub.

What excited you about working for Grubhub?

Different things. I love my heritage and food. Food is a way of connecting with people, a way of saying I love you and a way of celebrating life which is a passion of mine. Being able to combine technology with food is a fascinating opportunity. Grubhub is a technology company which is moving fast and where we can do a lot of storytelling that is human at it’s core.

Key Sound Bites

“I fell in love with idea of being part of different cultures and living in different places so I made it a priority early in my career to move around.”

“Social media is a revolution. It has turned our marketing processes upside down and given us great speed with which to work.”


Grubhub Website / Grubhub Twitter / Barbara’s LinkedIn / Company LinkedIn

Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Influencer, Influencer Marketing, Strategy

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