January 20, 2017

Likeable Media’s State of Social



Rachel Hadley, President of Likeable Media, sat down with three key leadership team members to discuss the latest trends and best practices of social media today. Here are some highlight questions and answers you should know for social media marketing in 2017.

What’s the biggest mistake you see with paid promotion?

Fer Wang, VP, Strategy: There’s a lot. I would say that [there’s] a really common misconception that engagement is the most important metric. When you’re thinking about social, you really have to think about what the consumer wants. Because you can put the best piece of content out there, but if it doesn’t speak to consumers, they’re not going to share it.

What’s coming next?

Honey Comer, VP, Client Services: I have been laser-focused on augmented reality and what’s happening with that technology. Pokemon GO was so big over this past summer. And as a Snapchat aficionado, [I know] they have lenses and they recently got these external things you can do with augmented reality. And I really think in the future, that’s going to be the way people try before they buy. It’s going to be big for retail.

What’s so great about social?

Valerie Tirella, VP, Creative Director: I love the “anything goes” mentality of social. As someone who is a storyteller, I love the fact that on social it can as small of a story, or as big of a story, that we want to tell. Is it video? Is it an event and a video? Is it something more localized? I love that you can scale up or down.

What I’m really excited about is identifying the different projects and clients where we’re telling smaller stories and [turning them into] the opportunities to tell much larger stories.


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