April 13, 2017

Four Things You Should Know About Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Example

By Sarah Malvin, Content Strategist

Over the past month, Instagram has made a huge push towards making stories the most important new feature of their platform. With 150 million daily users on the platform, Instagram Stories provides a large, global audience for advertisers, influencers, and everyday users to share what they are doing in real time.

As Instagram continues to take a page from the Snapchat playbook, they have rolled out multiple features to make Stories increasingly more engaging and fun for their audience, and more useful for advertisers. Additionally, much like Snapchat, they have started integrating mid-roll ads into Stories, (anyone sensing a pattern here?)

Below are four important things you should know about the increasingly popular Stories feature on Instagram:

1. Filters & Fun

You can add stickers, text, geotags, filters (think Valencia, not Snapchat puppy) to your photos or create art with the recently added marker tool.

2. Clickable @’s and CTA’s

Using the text tool you can now add a clickable @ mention to your story. Additionally, you can add clickable links via the “swipe up to see more” feature, which can be added to the bottom of each frame on your story. This feature is specifically important for brands and influencers, creating a seamless user experience to lead people to other Instagram pages for influencers or brand websites.

3. Going Live

Instagram has added the ability to “go live” into stories, allowing users to broadcast what they are doing. Fans and followers can join the live session to ask questions and make comments to their favorite celebrity or friend which can be answered in real time, bringing a more personal feeling to an otherwise massive following.

4. Video Ads

Instagram has started slipping short mid-roll ads in-between Stories from friends. Not only does Instagram offer a reach of 150 million eyes on any given ad for a brand, but it has the ability to track who is watching these ads and link them back to demographic data, providing important insights for advertisers.

Contact the Likeable Media team to learn more about Instagram Stories! Interested in other storytelling content? Read more about Facebook album posts here!

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