October 13, 2017

Key Takeaways from Advertising Week New York 2017


As agency folks, we know that clients look to us to help them understand change and advancements in advertising technology and what threats and opportunities they pose to their business. Events like Advertising Week help us step away from the day-to-day and see overarching trends. It was a jam-packed week of activities and events with some intriguing insights for those of us in social or advertising:

1. Content & Its Consumption

Twitter hosted a panel of industry leaders to discuss what happens when content, consumers, and consumption collide. The panel, led by Matt Derella, VP at Twitter, provided a fresh and interesting perspective on how content creators can leverage platforms such as Twitter to engage in innovative ways. Such a platform, said Helen Lin, has consumers that are more likely to engage and convert thus offers direct value to marketers looking to do so.

Delivering ‘moments’ and consistency in quality were highlighted as a key strategy that saw Hearst utilize social platforms more effectively. In speaking to this point, Jason Blanck also noted that Hearst had evolved its content approach by dedicating teams to specialize in chosen platforms.

Snapchat highlighted Pepsi, Burger King and Bacardi as examples of brands that have continued to raise the bar in platform innovation.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
– Maya Angelou

2. Trust

Trust was heavily discussed during Advertising Week. The consensus is that all stakeholders are accountable and responsible for maintaining and building this trust. The trickle-down effect of a lack of trust is evident in the growing number of “The Unreachables.” This is a group of consumers who are tech-savvy and can tune out most forms of marketing in various ways.
The solution goes back to content and ensuring that it is more authentic and personalized for it to remain relevant. In a Cohn & Wolfe study, consumers reported that “authenticity” was more important to them than things such as “product uniqueness,” “product utility” and “popularity.”

Brands and advertisers are also encouraged to rethink transparency as one of the tactical solutions to achieve trust. It is important that when exploring new technologies, marketers understand and try to balance ‘scale,’ ‘risk,’ and ‘expectation’ before engaging.

If you want to dive deeper on this topic, check out this panel from Greg Stern.

3. Diversity

“If there’s anything we have the ability to do it is to change hearts and minds,” said Keith Cartwright, creative director at BSSP.

Diversity continues to be a dominating topic of discussion and Advertising Week took it head on by getting audiences to participate in reviewing how marketers have either hit/missed the mark in the recent past. A notable addition was the panel of CEOs who discussed Action for Diversity & Inclusion, which offered an interesting perspective on topics such as race, gender, age, identity, and sexuality.

While none of the themes here are completely new, the opportunity to hear how panels of thought leaders are interpreting and reacting to the trends help us rethink our strategies for an exciting tomorrow.


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