October 10, 2017

Six Things You Should NOT Do on Twitter


With its 140-character* count message limit and a strong connection with breaking news Twitter has consistently been one of the fastest moving social media platforms. This means that a lot of the standard rules of social media don’t apply when tweeting. Below are six things to avoid to make the most out of your Twitter activity:

1. DON’T Tweet Only Twice a Month

Twitter is fast-moving and consistency is key. Tweeting infrequently will lead to your content being lost in a sea of other tweets (organically speaking). The more you tweet, the better the chances of gaining traction. However, there is another side to this…

2. DON’T Tweet Every Second of the Day

Excessive tweeting will make your brand look spammy which, in turn, will get you unfollowed or even reported as a spam user. According to Buffer, three tweets a day is the magic number for optimal posting. However, there are many exceptions to this. It depends on what you want to measure and your ad budgets.

3. DON’T Leave Your Fans Hanging

Posting on Twitter, as well as any other social platform, should be a two way communication. Putting content out on social is one part, engaging with your audience is the other half of it. When you have both parts, the community is happy and more trusting of your brand.

4. DON’T Abuse the Hashtag

Hashtags are wonderful. They are used to identify messages on a specific topic. They keep messages relevant. However, they tend to be overused. Small Biz Trends says that the ideal number of hashtags to use per tweet is one. Past one hashtag, their research shows a correlation between the number of hashtags used and a decline in engagement.

5. DON’T Post via Other Networks

No matter how good or engaging your content is on other social networks, sharing content automatically from another network onto Twitter is not best practice. Having a tweet that is simply a link to an Instagram post is a terrible user experience and often results in annoyed users. Minimal effort to create meaningful posts across channels results in minimal engagement.

6. DON’T Make Your Tweets Longer Just Because You Can

*ICYMI – Twitter started testing 280-character tweets, doubling the previous character limit to help users be more expressive. Does this mean we should be joining the movement towards longer tweets if this update comes into effect? Not always. More characters give you more flexibility, but people expect tweets to be short, sweet, and to the point, and that is not likely to change.

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