February 10, 2017

Molly Catalano of Five Guys on All The Social Ladies

I am hungry just thinking about this interview! I’m talking to Molly Catalano, the VP of Marketing & Communications at Five Guys – everyone’s favorite burger and fries shop! She’s built her entire career there simply by stepping up. She has done incredible things and you’re going to hear all about it.


Key Topics

  • Story of Molly’s Career
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Five Guys on Social Media
  • Personal vs. Professional Social Media Usage
  • Key Answers

Talk to us about your personal growth at Five Guys.

My personal growth was definitely about filling needs as the company grew. I started off answering the phones and dealing with press inquiries. We were small then and only had 85 stores. Now we have around 1400 locations and we are in 9 countries. In some ways, I feel that my job is very much the same but that I have a team of people to help get work done, social media came along and new things just naturally popped up! I hope I’m still a go-to person for franchisee’s to call if they need a point person. My career has grown from there and I learned along the way. I maintained the press side myself up until year ago but now we’ve hired someone who deals with all of these inquiries. When social media came on the scene, it made sense for Five Guys so we ramped that up. We’ve also developed an infrastructure for customer service and have processes in place that weren’t there before. It’s been cool to be a part of building something from the ground up.

What is the approach to social media marketing?

Corporate manages most of the social media for our franchises but it is a little bit of a hybrid. If people were going online and they wanted to engage with Five Guys, we felt that they just wanted to engage with Five Guys but they might not really care if it’s their Five Guys in Long Island, NY. We wanted to have that central voice and make sure the core was who we really are because Five Guys is very particular about that and how we speak to customers. As we built this out, Franchisees wanted to create their own pages (especially through Facebook). We do allow Franchisees to create their own Facebook pages just because that platform allows for that easily. We also created a global page but all of this rolls up under corporate so we can be a part of it if we needed to and jump in if there is a crisis and manage the accounts for them. Corporate manages the other platforms we are on.

Key Sound Bites

  • “Customer service and just being there for our customers is the biggest opportunity for Five Guys.”
  • “We’ve had a least a dozen requests of weddings being held at a Five Guys location!”
  • “I love Instagram. That’s how I like to connect with people.”


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