June 28, 2017

Three More Things to Know about Facebook Canvas

It has been nearly a year-and-a-half since we first reported on the launch of Facebook Canvas Ads. Since then, Facebook has made some significant upgrades to the creative unit.

1. Making Canvas the First Step in a Sequential Marketing Strategy

When Facebook Canvas first launched, the ability to drive web traffic and app installs was highly lauded. However, Canvas units have proven to be relatively inefficient at generating these conversions. Fortunately, Facebook has rolled out the ability for advertisers to remarket to Canvas viewers, just like you can do with video views or post engagement.

2. Canvas can now be added to Facebook Collections

Collections have become one of the most popular formats for e-commerce advertisements on Facebook. When a Collection Ad appears in the newsfeed, a large photo or video is prevalent with a product gallery appearing underneath. Advertisers can now make this featured space a clickable link to a canvas. This allows advertisers to utilize the immersive canvas experience hand-in-hand with shoppable advertisements.

3. Facebook has opened Canvas API to developers

Facebook has now opened up the Canvas Creation API to developers, offering more flexibility in developing these units at scale via templates. Rather than building every item from scratch, developers can create programs that automatically assemble various creative units into a Canvas ad without going through the Facebook interface. This can be especially time-saving for deep-linked Canvases, which are Canvas units embedded within Canvas units, and depending on the total number of layers, can become as complex as a microsite.


Tags: Best Practices, Facebook, Tools

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