May 23, 2017

Three Things That Are Exciting About Snapchat Right Now


If you have been keeping up with all things social media, you know that it has been a battle royale between Snapchat and Instagram these past months. Everything Snapchat can do, Instagram can do better, right? Many may think this, but Snapchat is showing itself to be a relentless innovator as it continues to roll out new and exciting updates. Three updates in particular have been capturing lots of attention:

1. Sponsored World Lenses

World Lenses, which are Snapchat’s version of augmented reality, open up the creative potential for advertisers since the Lens can be sparked by something other than a person’s face, including 2D or 3D objects, interactive content, and other items. The company says that Snapchatters today play with these Sponsored Lenses for over 15 seconds before sending them.

2. Audience Lenses

Another exciting update to come is the creation of Audience Lenses. This allows advertisers to buy regionally targeted Lenses for the first time. Before, Snapchat only offered Lenses as nationwide takeovers to its entire user base. This restriction severely limited the number of brands who would want or could afford a Sponsored Lens. Now, however, brands can do narrower, more affordable, and more targeted buys based on demographics like age and gender as well as Snapchat user habits. An example of this would be which “Discover Story” a user reads most often.

3. New Snapping Features

To improve the user experience, Snapchat has rolled out new features to further customize snaps. This includes the ability to prevent snaps from disappearing and looping snap videos. Another new function is the Magic Eraser tool, which allows you to erase anything in a picture that you take. Lastly, users can now draw using emojis. Simply select an emoji and draw as if it were the regular marker tool.

Will these changes be enough to reignite Snapchat’s growth and slow Instagram’s momentum? Perhaps. What is certain is that in the social space, there are few ad units as high-impact and high-engagement as Lenses. As the price point drops, the number of marketers buying Sponsored Lenses will no doubt increase accordingly.


Tags: Content Marketing, Snapchat, Tools

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