March 10, 2017

Top 3 Reasons a “Real-Time Events” Calendar is Your Best Friend

Creating valuable and engaging content for a brand can be a difficult task. How can you create a piece that is different from your competitors while still staying on trend with social happenings?

An easy way to always have events and trends to work with is by having a real-time events calendar. This is similar to a regular monthly calendar, but instead of including personal events, it showcases interesting and sometimes unusual holidays like Gumdrop Day (which occurs on February 15th).

Why will this help your brand?

You will never run out of ideas for content!

Even if your brand doesn’t necessarily resonate with Gumdrop Day, there is sure to be another event on your calendar that could be used to generate brand-related content. Adding new events to the calendar weekly will keep these creative opportunities rolling in.

See the future.

Unfortunately, we are not evolved enough to be able to do this. But, we can definitely plan for the future by taking a look at a calendar like this one. Planning is important and this calendar makes the task much easier. Being able to see what events are in the coming months allows you to brainstorm campaign ideas, create one-offs, and even predict what your fans will be looking for at certain points in the month.

Exponential idea growth.

To get the most benefits from this calendar, it should be shared with everyone on the team. Why is this so important? Have you heard that two heads are better than one? Having your whole team on board and adding to this calendar as the weeks go by can build what seems like a never-ending bank content ideas. You missed the memo that it was National Pancake Day? It’s a good thing your pancake-obsessed coworker added it to the calendar!

Tags: Content Marketing, Creative, Holiday, Social Media

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