June 20, 2018

12 Chief Marketing Officers You Should Be Following on Twitter

While many brands have harnessed the power of Twitter, less than one-third of the world’s top Chief Marketing Officers are active on the social network—thereby missing out on valuable opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership, broadcast company news, and engage in conversations related to their industry. In fact, a study from Brandwatch reveals a breakdown of the type of content most shared by marketing executives on Twitter, with 40 percent company related, 24 percent personal, 21 percent thought leadership, and 15 percent industry-related.

Of course, no two Twitter users are alike, and each CMO offers their own lens through which they view their industry, marketing, and the world. Here are the top 12 we recommend following.

1. Michelle Peluso, IBM (@michelleapeluso)

On Twitter, Peluso shares her passion for technology, innovation, and female empowerment. You’ll find her advocating for women in STEM and going behind the scenes at IBM.

2. Emily Culp, Keds (@emilyculp)

This CMO is constantly sharing knowledge and always on the move. On Twitter, Culp takes you behind the scenes on her travels and shares the insights she’s gained from industry events. Expect tweets about the future of retail marketing, female leadership, and the latest from Keds.

3. Pam Kaufman, Nickelodeon (@pam_kaufman12)

Can you imagine anything more fun than working for Nickelodeon? Follow Kaufman for all the content you could want on new shows (and reboots), SpongeBob, and the occasional slime.

4. Norman de Greve, CVS Health (@ndegreve)

If you follow the CVS Health CMO, you can expect to see him tweeting marketing insights, updates from the beauty industry, and his support for the #SeeHer movement.

5. Kristin Lemkau, JPMorgan Chase (@KLemkau)

On Twitter, the CMO of JPMorgan Chase speaks passionately about gun safety, while also sharing her love of Boston sports and her support for fellow women in business.

6. Maryam Banikarim, Hyatt (@maryamb)

A self-described “purpose-driven change agent,” Banikarim tweets about everything from politics and gender equality to brand values and leadership.

7. Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard (@RajaRajamannar)

The Mastercard CMO tweets at “the intersection of business and marketing,” sharing thoughts on artificial intelligence, customer experience, management advice, and meditation.

8. Jennifer Saenz, Frito-Lay (@JenQSaenz)

On Twitter, you’ll find Saenz talking about her favorite ads, inspirational interviews with women leaders, and the latest hot topics from the world of marketing, including Gen Z and voice.

9. Andrea Brimmer, Ally Financial (@AndreaBrimmer)

You can expect to see Brimmer tweeting about issues she cares about, how technology is changing the marketing landscape, and the latest work from her team at Ally.

10. David Edelman, Aetna (@davidedelman)

It’s no surprise that Aetna’s CMO cares about health and wellness. Expect lots of tweets about healthtech, emotional wellbeing, healthy habits, and patient care.

11. Jennifer Sey, Levi’s (@JenniferSey)

The Levi’s CMO is incredibly plugged in and engaged. She’s quick to share her perspective on current events, the future of the fashion industry, and gender equality. Plus, as a former gymnast, Sey has been sharing the latest news from USA Gymnastics.

12. Denise Karkos, TD Ameritrade (@dckarkos_TDA)

You can expect tweets about the latest work from TD Ameritrade, along with behind-the-scenes photos from travels and speaking engagements, her company’s culture, and her favorite ads.

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