September 26, 2018

5 Ways Brands Can Use Emojis on Social Media

We’re all emoji experts when it comes to texting, but using emojis on your brand’s social channels is a totally different game. While we tend to put most of our energy toward the words in our captions, these little icons can make your post copy pop in the feed when used creatively and sparingly. On Instagram specifically, research shows that posts with emojis have higher interaction rates. Some brands are apprehensive about using emojis on social, but with 2,666 choices, there’s something out there for everyone.

Want to successfully incorporate emojis into your brand voice? Check out these five tips.

Replace words with symbols.

With today’s short attention spans, it’s important to keep post copy short and sweet. Symbols like arrows and check marks are great for cutting down the word count while catching people’s attention. Here’s an example:

Before: If you cook the night before, you’ll be able to sleep in the next day.

After: Cook the night before ➡️ Sleep in the next day.

Use emojis to get people’s attention.

When posting about something new or time-sensitive, use emojis like the siren to create a sense of urgency. If this technique is used sparingly, your audience will pay attention when it’s most important. Example:

Before: The summer sale ends tomorrow!

After: 🚨 The summer sale ends tomorrow! 🚨

Use emojis to hint at your desired message.

It’s important to be straightforward with your customers, but sometimes a little subtlety can add personality to your post copy without being so “on the nose.” Example:

Before: After a long day, you deserve some wine.

After: After a long day, you deserve a treat… 🍷

String emojis together to add meaning.

When you place emojis side by side, your post copy becomes more than the sum of its parts. Creative emoji combinations will make your brand look smart and fun. Example:

Before: We’re loving this recipe for kebabs!

After: We’re loving this recipe for kebabs!

Avoid these emojis.

The ONLY time it’s ok to use these emojis is when you’re writing a blog about avoiding these emojis: 🍆 💦 🍑 👅 💩

P.S. When you’re working on a computer and don’t have an emoji keyboard, you can visit to copy them and see what each emoji looks like on different devices and apps!

Tags: Community Management, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Strategy, Twitter

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