October 1, 2018

4 Community Management Hacks for Instagram

Anyone familiar with the role of a community manager knows that your day can go from calm to busy in a blink of an eye. The four Instagram updates below not only help streamline a community manager’s day but can also help build a better relationship between your brand and your followers.

1. Automatic Scheduling

Instagram now allows business profiles to schedule and publish posts directly to the Instagram feed without the use of push notifications. Right now, this feature is only available for single photo posts and must be done using a third party app, such as Buffer.

How does this help? A community manager’s day can be quite hectic, and it can become time-consuming to ensure your Instagram content is posted at the exact right time. Auto scheduling allows us to schedule posts in advance, and not have to publish each and every post manually. This also allows brands to post at non-business hours, such as weekends, late evenings, or early mornings without needing a community manager to post manually.

2. Clickable Usernames & Hashtags

Instagram bios are an important first impression for users visiting an Instagram profile. Clickable usernames can be very helpful if your brand is running more than one account or has a partnership with another brand (and you’d like to easily drive some traffic to those accounts). Additionally, clickable hashtags not only make your account easier to navigate but also allows followers to easily view branded content. Plus, the clickable bio hashtag can be used to highlight user-generated content. A more functional profile allows you to better run and grow an account.

3. Shoppable Posts

It’s no secret that online shopping has taken off. Instagram, taking advantage of the e-commerce boom, has created shoppable posts. Now, users need only tap on the post for a link to appear, and the link will direct the user straight to your website.

Not only does this provide a more functional and streamlined user experience, but it can also increase the traffic on your website. This improves community management efficiency by reducing the number of times users will need to be redirected to the website to make purchases. It also eliminates the need for “link in bio” posts, which involves the need for continuous bio updates.

4. Repost Story Mentions and Posts

Reposting user-generated content is a great way to engage with fans and grow your brand’s Instagram following. Now, when a user mentions your brand in their Instagram Story or post, community managers can reshare that post directly on your brand’s Instagram Story.

This allows community managers to quickly and easily share user-generated content. Having customers excited enough to post about your brand and products or services is something that should not be overlooked, and this feature makes it easier for brands to share their fans’ content.

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