August 18, 2020

All the Social Ladies: Advice From 18 of the Smartest Women in Marketing

Christina Sirabella

If you’re not up to speed on the happenings of the All the Social Ladies podcast, allow us to help you get there. Our CEO, Carrie Kerpen, who started the podcast back in 2014, passed the torch this season to two of Likeable’s awesome employees, Jenn Burgess and Michelle Greenbaum. They just wrapped up the first half of Season 5, where they spoke to 18 amazing women about everything from parenting in today’s digital world, to brand messaging around social injustices, to leading a team through a rebrand in the middle of a pandemic.

Here’s a slightly more detailed rundown of each episode. Take a listen if any of them pique your interest!


Carrie Kerpen of Likeable Media

Jenn and Michelle kicked off Season 5 by chatting with Carrie Kerpen, CEO and co-founder of Likeable Media and the founder of the podcast! Carrie discusses her experience as a small business owner during the COVID-19 pandemic: how she’s learning the importance of the pivot, what it’s like to work from home with a full house, and how brands can provide value during these times of uncertainty.

Holly Curtis of Keds

In this episode, Holly Curtis, VP Product, Global Creative Director at Keds, chats about what it means to be a “publicly private” person, why it’s so important for women to design products for women, and how that thoughtfulness translates into Keds marketing initiatives—particularly with the recently launched Hand-Book for Women.

Meena Harris of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign

How can we use social media for social good? In this episode, Jenn and Michelle break down that question with Meena Harris, founder & CEO of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign (and Kamala Harris’s niece!), and discuss why social media is such a powerful tool for spreading knowledge, sharing experiences, and uplifting new voices.

Rachel Jo Silver of Love Stories TV

YouTube is red, Facebook is blue. We’re addicted to wedding videos, and you’re about to be, too. In this episode, Jenn and Michelle contemplate why people have such a strong appetite for love stories, and Rachel Jo Silver, founder & CEO of Love Stories TV, gives advice on how vendors, venues, and videographers can work together to improve their social media presences.

Sierra Tishgart of Great Jones

Who’s hungry?! In this food-filled episode, Sierra Tishgart, co-founder of Great Jones, tells listeners about the origins of the company, the importance of creating content fueled by community, and how the brand is leveraging partnerships with leaders in the food space—including some of their all-time fav chefs and creators.

Titania Jordan of Bark

She says there’s no manual for how to parent in today’s digital world—but this mom could definitely write one. In this “all things moms” episode, Jenn and Michelle have a powerful conversation with Titania Jordan, CMO and Chief Parent Officer of Bark, about digital citizenship: how the tried and true lessons we teach our kids can be extended to the internet, and how honesty and vulnerability can help parents set the right example.

Holly Liss Jammet of Enlisst

In this episode, Holly Liss Jammet, founder and CEO of Enlisst, tells listeners the FIVE things your brand needs to do to be successful on social media⁠—regardless of industry. Hear from the social media OG who has established presences for major brands like Helmut Lang, Theory, The Infatuation, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle media venture, goop.

Paige McCrensky of Getty

With over 1 billion searches a year informing how over 300,000 content creators populate its stock library, Getty is often the first touchpoint of many that lead to the visuals you see in the media. In this episode, VP of Sales Marketing and Brand Communications Paige McCrensky talks about what Getty is doing to break biases around how we define beauty—including her work with Dove and Girlgaze on the #ShowUs campaign!

Essence Souffrant, Digital Marketing Strategist

With the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, social media has served as a powerful platform for people and brands to take a stand against systemic racism in support of the Black community. In this episode, Jenn and Michelle talk with Digital Marketing Strategist Essence Souffrant about her experience as a Black woman living through this moment in history: how she’s balancing work, family, and advocacy, her perspective on the brand messages she’s seeing in the media, and advice for how companies (and the people behind them) can put action behind their words to become true allies.

Leah Walters of

How do you provide value across content marketing channels when your target audience is… everyone? Make it human. In this episode, Jenn and Michelle chat with Leah Walters of about how B2B marketers can think like B2C marketers to hone in on the core principles that resonate most. Tune in to hear how Leah’s team is carrying out this approach in both its brand and acquisition content—especially in the midst of COVID-19.

Jori Evans of Groupon

We’ve all heard jokes about “social media being run by interns,” but the reality is that over the past few months, social teams have been responsible for communicating major brand messages in response to COVID-19 and the social injustices present in our country. In this episode, hear how after her proposal for using Groupon’s channels to amplify Black voices was tabled, Jori Evans raised her hand in a Zoom meeting of 1,000 people to call out her leadership team and stand up for what she knew was right—and they listened.

Jinal Shah of Feather

Our relationship with “home” is changing. It’s not just where we sleep anymore—it’s where we work, eat, unwind, connect, you name it—and our spaces are changing to accommodate us both physically and emotionally. In this episode, hear from Jinal Shah, VP of Marketing at Feather, about the brand’s role in providing not only furniture, but comfort and support as well. (Bonus: Hear what it’s like to lead a team through a rebrand in the middle of a pandemic!)

Melissa Tavss of Tipsy Scoop

After a video about Tipsy Scoop’s boozy ice cream went viral on Facebook, people flocked to East Harlem looking for a trendy scoop shop. But what they found instead was literally a warehouse—founder and CEO Melissa Tavss’s production facility for wholesale and catering. Listen to this episode to hear more about the role social media has played in this company’s success (which now, of course, includes brick and mortar!), and how its customers are embracing the “Instagram moment.”

Stephanie Miller of Verizon

The future of large events is uncertain. And with major partnerships like the NFL and Live Nation, Verizon has the challenge, and the opportunity, to bring those live experiences to fans at home. In this episode, Jenn and Michelle talk to Director of Social & Emerging Media Stephanie Miller about how her team is leveraging Verizon’s cutting-edge technology to bring sports and entertainment to social—particularly with its recent #PayItForwardLIVE concert series.

Erica Davis and Catherine Carter of The Sip

POP! 🥂 Get ready for a party—because in this episode, Jenn and Michelle chat with Erica Davis and Catherine Carter, a.k.a. co-founders of The Sip! Tune in to hear about what it’s like to start a company with your BFF, how the history of women in champagne has influenced their business, and what they’re doing to create experiences for their customers both on and off social.

Laura Holzwasser of Chewy

If you read content from bloggers or online publishers, you probably interact with affiliate marketing every day, but you might not understand how it works—or even that it exists. In this episode, get an all-things-affiliate lesson from Laura Holzwasser, Affiliate Marketing Manager at Chewy!

Claire Knebl of Ritual

Trendy food pics, cute fuzzy animals, ultra-relatable memes… No, it’s not your best friend’s Instagram page, but it might as well be. In this episode, Senior Director of Marketing at Ritual Claire Knebl talks about how the vitamin brand connects with customers through content that’s important to them, and how she’s found her passion elevating everyday products and making them as accessible as possible.


Stay tuned for the next half of Season 5 episodes, coming this fall to wherever you listen to podcasts! In the meantime, follow @allthesocialladies on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest happenings.

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