October 21, 2020

Social Media & Reproductive Health: A Conversation with Carrie SiuButt of Simple Health

Christina Sirabella

Carrie SiuButt started as the CEO of reproductive health company Simple Health on February 24, 2020. Eight days later, she packed up her monitor and took it home—and, like many of us, she has been leading and working with her team remotely since then.

“What I’m appreciating right now is how the pandemic really radically shaped how people are accessing healthcare,” Carrie said on the All the Social Ladies podcast. The COVID-19 pandemic has had all kinds of effects on the world at large. Most of them have been devastating—but there has also been massive growth for many health and wellness companies like Simple Health, which provides online prescriptions and home delivery for birth control. Of course, Carrie could have never predicted a global pandemic that would leave everyone quarantining at home for months. But with her company growing rapidly (100% quarter over quarter!) and her patient support team nearly unable to keep up with the amount of new customers, she rose to the challenge.

And Carrie is no stranger to the concept of rising to a challenge. At age 12, she was diagnosed with dystonia, a rare disease that almost rendered her unable to walk. Before her crucial eight-hour brain surgery, she promised herself that if she was able to run a marathon after the surgery, she would dedicate her life to health and wellness. Well, the surgery was successful, and Carrie certainly kept her promise. She hasn’t just run one marathon, either—she’s run two marathons and 13 half marathons. So, when she was presented with the opportunity to be CEO of Simple Health at the beginning of this year, it felt like the entirety of her life story had come together.

As a woman of color, and being disabled, access has always been a barrier in Carrie’s life. She knows from firsthand experience that access isn’t something we all have—and her goal is to change that. “The core of our mission is to really dismantle barriers within the existing system by simplifying access,” she said. That goes for access to prescriptions, but it’s also bigger than just birth control. It also goes for access to things like resources and education about women’s health, which is a huge component of the brand’s social content.

Their posts focus on everything from body positivity to social issues to education about things like sex and menopause. Carrie prides herself on being a transparent, unapologetic leader—and that certainly comes through in her company’s online presence. “Birth control is like any other prescription,” she says. “It is not something taboo. It is not something that we should be afraid to talk about.”

Carrie has two main goals in life. First, to change the conversation about reproductive health. And second, to leave a legacy for little brown girls that inspires them to dream big.

For this rockstar CEO, birth control is just the beginning.


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