March 16, 2021

21 Stats & Facts Social Media Marketers Need to Know in 2021

Ashara Wilson

The ever-evolving and fast-moving social media landscape can be hard to navigate, especially in crazy times like the ones we’re currently in. And without up-to-date research on trends, audiences, and patterns, anticipating twists and turns can seem impossible. Lucky for you, we’ve gathered the key information you need for your marketing efforts. Here are 21 statistics that will help you succeed on social in 2021!


1. Globally, over 3.6 billion people use social media and the number is projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025.

2. 1.3 million new users joined social media every day in 2020.

3. The average American has 7.1 social media accounts.

4. The average U.S. adult spends 38 minutes a day on Facebook.

  • Likeable’s Take: Contrary to popular (read: Gen Z’s) belief, Facebook isn’t quite dead!

5. Facebook is the most popular channel for businesses to share video content, with 81% of businesses doing so.

6. Gen Z, millennials, and Gen X selected YouTube as the platform they rely on when making purchase decisions.

7. As of January 2021, TikTok has 689 million global active users.

  • Likeable’s Take: If your brand isn’t already on TikTok, what are you waiting for?!

8. YouTube is the second-largest search engine globally.

9. Link clicks account for 92% of all user interaction with tweets.

10. 54% of social browsers use social media to research products.

  • Likeable’s Take: Make sure your brand’s social media bios (and even Instagram Story highlights) clearly communicate what your product is and why customers should buy it.

11. 79% of people say that user-generated content on social media significantly impacts their purchasing decisions.

12. 98% of marketers say Instagram is the most influential platform for influencer marketing, which is 44% higher than Facebook.

13. Socially responsible ads on Twitter perform 12% better than standard ads.

  • Likeable’s Take: There is a large community on Twitter that cares deeply about social issues—more so than on other networks. Use that to your brand’s advantage!

14. 64% of Instagram users are under the age of 34.

15. 90% of Tik Tok users use the app daily.

16. 54% of Gen Z and 49% of millennials say social media is their preferred channel for ad influence.

  • Likeable’s Take: And this number will only keep going up with future generations.

17. Four out of 10 Snapchat users said they discovered a brand via celebrity endorsements.

18. 57% of consumers will follow a brand to learn about new products or services, while 47% will follow to stay up to date on company news.

19. 61% of consumers want to learn something from the videos they see on social media.

  • Likeable’s Take: There’s a place for inspiration and aesthetics on social media, but don’t forget that there’s a big demand for education as well.

20. The top four reasons consumers will unfollow a brand on social media are poor quality of product or support (49%), poor customer service (49%), irrelevant content (45%), and too many ads (45%).

21. Answering a complaint on social media can increase customer advocacy by 25%.

  • Likeable’s Take: Many brands think hiding or ignoring complaints is the way to go—but customers would much rather see a brand own up to its mistakes than avoid them.


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