March 8, 2021

9 Pieces of Advice From Inspirational Women Leaders

Christina Sirabella

Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate the day, we’re sharing a few pieces of advice from women leaders in business and social media, straight from the All the Social Ladies podcast.

Kat Hantas of 21 Seeds

When what you’re looking for doesn’t exist, create it.

When her doctor told her to switch from wine to blanco tequila, Kat Hantas started making her own: a simple cucumber jalapeño infusion meant to make sipping lighter and brighter. After taking a look at the male-dominated tequila aisle, she thought, “Maybe there’s a business here.” And 21 Seeds was born.

Iva Pawling of Richer Poorer

It’s never too late to reinvent yourself.

One year after selling her men’s sock brand to in 2015, the online retailer went bankrupt. So Iva bought it back. Now, Richer Poorer is a leader in loungewear, designing pieces like boxer briefs, bralettes, and stylish fleece that have become true staples in WFH wardrobe.

Ayeshah Abuelhiga of Mason Dixie Foods

Sometimes things don’t go as planned—and sometimes that’s better.

After Ayeshah’s pop-up restaurant consistently sold out of biscuits, she started freezing and selling the dough to keep up with demand, and before she knew it, she was leading a full-fledged CPG brand that sold out at Whole Foods, too.

Kiku Chaudhuri of SHAZ & KIKS

Grandma knows best.

Beauty rituals have always been an important part of Kiku’s life—some of her fondest memories are the summers she spent in India learning Ayurvedic practices from her grandmother. Now, Kiku and her sister are bringing generations of tradition to the West with SHAZ & KIKS hair products.

Bri Foster of Pinterest

It’s okay to disconnect from social media, especially when it’s your job.

Social media managers are under immense pressure to stay online, respond quickly, and not make mistakes. Combined with the burnout of working through a pandemic, the impacts of the job on social media managers’ mental health cannot be ignored. In her interview, Bri shares her experience and why it’s okay to take a break.

Bridget Benjamin of Scholastic

Never underestimate the power of a story.

In Scholastic’s 100th year as a brand, Bridget helped launch the “Bookshelf” Instagram page, which uses stories to help parents and teachers navigate life’s big questions. With a few simple swipes, you can access excerpts of powerful content with a wide range of topics like anxiety, empathy, bullying, race, diversity, and illness.

Sarah Halverson, Freelance Creative Director

Inspiration can be found anywhere.

Before COVID, Sarah found inspiration for her work through art exhibits and long walks through Chicago. But the pandemic pushed her to find new avenues for her creativity, including arts and crafts projects with her daughter for her work with Great Wolf Lodge.

Dominique Brown of The Class

You can turn your passion into your career.

Four years after becoming a practicing student of The Class, Dominique became their Director of Marketing. In her interview, she shares what it’s been like to balance working with The Class and working out with The Class and how her experiences as a student have helped make her a better marketer.

Megan Darmody of UrbanStems

Treat yourself—today and every day.

Flowers aren’t just for birthdays, promotions, and anniversaries anymore. UrbanStems is reinventing the “modern floral experience,” and in Megan’s interview, she shares how gifting behaviors are changing with it. What we’re really trying to say? Buy yourself a bouquet today. You deserve it.


Stay tuned for Season 6, coming this spring to wherever you listen to podcasts! In the meantime, follow @allthesocialladies on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest happenings.

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