December 7, 2021

Likeable’s Greatest Hits of 2021

Christina Sirabella

“[Insert year] is already over?!” –us, every single December.

But really, this year went by so quickly! The team at Likeable has been keeping very busy creating all kinds of social content, developing strategies, and running ads for our clients—so we figured we’d share our “greatest hits” of the year in one blog post. Consider this your master class in how to create social media content that converts, inspires, stands out in the feed, and even wins a few industry awards.

1. Aspen Dental: Motto Launch

First up is Aspen Dental! This year, Aspen launched a clear aligners product called Motto that was not only important to their business, but also represented something larger: confidence. They tapped us for content creation—starting, of course, with the launch of Motto’s website and social channels.


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A post shared by Motto Aligners (@mymottosmile)

2. BrightFarms: “Kids React” Videos

What’s the best way to promote lettuce? Tap into its harshest critics! We hired real kids, brought them into our test kitchen, and had them compare BrightFarms to competitors completely unscripted. These videos revealed the truth about how kids really feel about lettuce in a unique way that brand advocates or marketers never could. (Spoiler alert: BrightFarms is 100% kid-approved.) These videos were also Silver winners in the 2021 w3 Awards!

3. Caterpillar: Holiday Gift Guide

So, a construction company might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about holiday gifts. But Caterpillar has got some great ones—and they’re not just for outdoor lovers or contractors! The CAT is out of the (gift) bag in this festive flatlay that showcases the 2021 Caterpillar Holiday Gift Guide.


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4. GAF: Community Management Results

Time for a community management shoutout! Likeable provides around-the-clock community management for roofing company GAF across all owned channels. After undergoing intensive training to learn a highly technical industry, we’re proud to have developed an optimized, custom social care escalation process and a customer service SLA response time 133% below benchmark despite a 40% YoY increase in inbound volume.

5. Gerolsteiner: Dining Al Fresco + Holiday Sangria

Gerolsteiner, a sparkling mineral water company based in Germany, faces a crowded market in the United States. We’ve helped them find their niche with aspirational lifestyle content as well as fun food and drink recipes that incorporate the product. Dining al fresco, anyone?

6. Giant Food: TikTok Channel

What’s a grocery store doing on TikTok, you might ask? Well… everything! From three-ingredient recipes to nutritionists’ tips and tricks to a Mambo No. 5 parody (yes, really), we’ve created TikTok content for Giant Food that has garnered millions of views and helped the brand tap into a whole new generation of shoppers.

This Thanksgiving, get in the zone! The calzone, that is. #giantfood #groceries #calzone #thanksgivingleftovers

♬ original sound – Giant Food

All this time we never knew Mambo No. 5 was about Capital City Mambo Sauce… #foodtiktok #giantfood #mambosauce

♬ original sound – Giant Food

Don’t get fresh with us! But *do* keep your summer produce fresh—here’s how.

♬ original sound – Giant Food

7. Great Wolf Lodge: AR Filter, TikTok Channel, and Live with the Lodge

We’ve done so much amazing work this year for Great Wolf Lodge, including an AR filter that brings the lodge to your phone, a TikTok channel that won a Gold Viddy Award, and a series of Facebook Live videos called “Live with the Lodge”! Check ‘em all out below.


🎶 “Together forever, we’re Wiley & Violet. Best friends!” 💗 #greatwolflodge #lindaandheather #bestfriends

♬ Linda And Heather Theme Song – nooneinparticular

8. Hannaford: “Food on Food” Series

There’s certainly no shortage of food content on Instagram, so Hannaford needed a way to visually stand out in the feed and promote its products at the same time. Enter our “Food on Food” series!

9. Hilton: “Extending Our Stay” Docuseries

Our most global project yet! We traveled around the world, to places like Peru and Hawaii, to produce “Extending Our Stay”: a six-part docuseries that educates and spreads awareness of Hilton’s values and helps the brand stay at the forefront of the sustainable travel movement. The first and second episodes, called “The Impact of Food Waste” and “Eating & Drinking More Sustainably,” are out now and the rest are coming soon—they’re being released monthly through April 2022!

10. Manhattan West: Citrovia Launch + Influencer Activation

Citrovia at Manhattan West is a sprawling, fantastical citrus garden and immersive art installation that features thousands of lemons, leaves, and trees. The problem we had to solve was figuring out how to launch an exciting Instagram account and build hype for Citrovia… while Citrovia itself was being built. Check out how we worked with influencers and populated Citrovia’s Instagram feed with fun, colorful content before and during its launch this summer. (You know what they say: When life gives you lemons, post them on Instagram.)


11. Ooma: “Ooma Presents…” Series

It’s not always easy to make a telecommunications company funny—but when Ooma wanted lighthearted social content, we were certainly up for the challenge. We produced a video series called “Ooma Presents… The Art of the Phone Call” that parodied instructional videos from the ‘50s and ‘60s and taught users everything they needed to know about making the perfect phone call.


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A post shared by Ooma (@ooma_home)


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A post shared by Ooma (@ooma_home)

12. Palm Bay International: Roscato’s “How We Holidaze” Giveaway + CONFETTI!’s Instagram

We’ve worked with two of Palm Bay International’s wine brands, Roscato and CONFETTI!, this year. For Roscato, we ran a “How We Holidaze” giveaway campaign (psst, if you’re reading this before December 19, you can still enter!) and for CONFETTI!, we’ve had a blast creating bright, fun, eye-catching Instagram content.


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13. Party City: Boo-Loon Pop-Ups

Party City kicked off its favorite season—spooky season!—with an immersive pop-up exhibit called Boo-Loon Land that featured amazing balloon installations with six unique Halloween-inspired rooms. Guests had the opportunity to trick-or-treat, learn how to design balloon garlands, shop exclusive products, and connect with Party City specialists to plan their own ultimate Halloween bash! Our team was on-site the whole time capturing in-the-moment content.


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14. Peter Thomas Roth: Hi-Fi/Lo-Fi Videos

Lo-fi content has been all the rage on social media in the past few years, so we took to creating some for skincare client Peter Thomas Roth. Of course, we captured some hi-fi videos as well. The videos not only looked gorgeous and performed well on Peter Thomas Roth’s social channels, but they also snagged us a Platinum MarCom Award—not too shabby!

Thinking about upping your investment in social in 2022? We’re ready when you are.

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