November 19, 2012

HOW TO: Like A Facebook Page Via Text Message

There are multiple ways to like a Facebook page. You can like a page from a friend’s timeline, a News Feed story, an ad, a sponsored story, or from Facebook search. Another way that is often overlooked is the ability to like a Facebook page via Facebook’s “text to like feature.” Brands, small businesses, celebrities, authors and political figures have the opportunity to increase page likes by simply asking their community to the text the username of their page.

Before a Facebook user can use the “text to like feature,” the user must set up their mobile phone to receive texts from Facebook via Account Settings. Go to the mobile tab of your Account Settings page to activate mobile texts. Click “Register for Facebook Text Messages” and complete the steps that follow. After this is set up, you are able to like a page via text.

Next, identify the Facebook Page’s username you want to like. For example, the username for Likeable Media’s Facebook Page is LikeableMedia, which can be found in the Facebook Page’s URL (

Now, let’s see the “text to like feature” in action. Text “like LikeableMedia” to 32665, which spells out FBOOK. Within seconds you will receive a text message confirming that you have liked the Likeable Media Facebook page.

It is important to keep these three things in mind:

  1. Do not include the quotation marks in your text message. For example, simply text like LikeableMedia to 32665.
  2. The Facebook page username cannot contain any spaces in the text message. For example, if you text Likeable Media it will not work.
  3. If you already like the Facebook page you are texting to like, you will receive an error response via text.

Why does the “text to like feature” matter for marketers? It’s an easy and natural way to capture likes. Imagine the following scenarios—4 diners at a restaurant are prompted to like the restaurant’s page via text on their receipt, 100 people in line at a book signing are asked to like the author’s page when they approach the author at the table, or 50,000 people at a sporting event read the Jumbotron to text to like the home team’s Facebook page. The possibilities are endless for any business, especially for local businesses. If the business provides a reason for the user to text, such as a discount off of a next purchase, the consumer is compelled to check it out. As a marketer, consider how to integrate this “text to like feature” in your advertising, whether it be through in-store signage, email, website, print, direct mail, radio, television, etc. With over 1 billion active Facebook users, the opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers on an intimate level is exponential.

It is a big marketing mishap to overlook mobile in your marketing strategy. In September 2012, it was reported that the number of Facebook users who actively use Facebook’s mobile app is 543 million or 57 percent. Sharing on Facebook via mobile is easier than ever, literally. Just last week, Facebook announced that users can now use the Share button in the News Feed from the Facebook iPhone, iPad or Android app as well as Facebook’s mobile website. Users have the ability to share information and stories with their friends from their mobile phone just as fast as they can from their computer.

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