November 15, 2012

Keeping the Momentum Going AFTER the Launch

Social media is a great way to promote a specific event, premiere, and launch. It is common to create a social presence for this one-time event and leverage social media to create a following and a community. There are tons of examples of brands using social media to promote their event and grow their communities; the problem is what happens after. After you worked so hard to build a loyal fan base, now what? The event is over, the movie came out, the product launched. You have no use for social media anymore right?!

Wrong. Having a strong, vocal community is a valuable thing. It’s not something you should just throw away after you feel like you are done with them. Here are three reasons why you should maintain the momentum for your community even after the launch is over with.

1. Enter Maintenance Mode

You don’t have to post as often as you did before the launch but you should still be providing new content for your followers. Take it down from once a day to once a week to keep your community engaged. For example, Empire Records has maintained a presence on their Facebook page even though the film and DVD were released over 10 years ago.

2. Bridge Communities

Maybe this particular launch is over, but chances are there will be another one. If this community is interested in other projects you are doing, leverage that content to them and create a bridge to a new community. The television show Smallville still engages fans even after the show has ended after 10 seasons on the air. They now promote a similar show on the same network called Arrow that would appeal to Smallville fans.

3. You May Need Them Again

You never know when you are going to want to revive a launch, reconnect with fans, or leverage the community again. You can only do this if you have been consistent over the years. Click here to see how the movie Finding Nemo was able to maintain a consistent community since the launch of their page. The page launched in 2008 (when Facebook became available) and published content at a steady pace. Years later, Disney decided to re-release the film in 3D and on Blu-ray DVD. Because they have been engaging with their community all these years, it wasn’t inauthentic to now promote the re-release of the film.

A strong, loyal community is a terrible thing to waste. It doesn’t matter if your product launched last year or your TV show went off air 10 years ago, you can still provide value and leverage your existing community. Creating new content, bridging fans to a new community and reconnecting with fans are just a few ways to avoid letting a priceless fan base go to waste.

Tags: Community Management, Facebook

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