December 3, 2014

2014 Social Media Wish List

James Reichert

Dear Santa,

We really appreciate the gifts you gave us this year, especially the ability to edit captions on Instagram and the new Twitter analytics. We have been very good this year and are hopeful you can deliver some of our wishes for social media in 2015.

1. Clickable Links on Instagram

This would be the final step in making this network THE BEST. Think of the opportunities one little feature could provide brands! We can sum them up in one word: e-commerce.

2. Better Pinterest Analytics

The recent update came with new sections and pretty charts, but the analytics are still lacking. With such a strong referral source, we need something that allows us to measure results on and off the platform.

3. LinkedIn Analytics

Now that the platform is moving toward more of a media focus, we need to be able to measure results. Plain and simple, the current analytics stink.

4. New Twitter Features

Sure, Twitter has been busy testing new features and making the platform look more like…well…Facebook, but give us something we really want: a more accurate search function that allows us to connect with more relevant accounts. Oh! Throw in a shiny new photo update too while you’re at it.

5. The Old Foursquare

Enough is enough, we all want the old Foursquare back. We tried the new Swarm app and we do not like it. Why would I check into my local coffee shop every single day if I can’t get a badge? Taking away the whole gamification behind a highly addictive (and helpful) app just does not make sense.

6. Better Pin Descriptions on Pinterest

Rich pins allow a more robust description, but what about brands that don’t have a site? Please let all users create more robust descriptions manually.

7. Cross-Platform Gifs and Emojis

These are a huge hit and have become a normal part of many brands’ social content strategies. We need these to be viewable across all the major platforms for full effect.

8. Free Instagram Scheduling Tool

The key word here is “free.” On behalf of all the Community Managers out there, we need to be able to schedule Instagram posts. Get this done.

9. Better Desktop Features for Secondary Channels

It is much easier to multitask on Vine and Instagram on a desktop, so please allow us to use all the mobile features in all web browsers.

10. People Stop Complaining about Facebook

Every person that works in social media knows that Organic Reach on Facebook is never going to return to what it was years ago. Deal with it.

We promise to be extremely good this year if you make at least a few (read: all) of these happen.

What are your thoughts on this year’s wish list? What would you add?

Tags: Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, Niche Networks, Pinterest, Twitter

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