November 30, 2015

4 Alternative Photography Websites to Stock Photography


With the increase of social content, user-generated images and beautiful photography are becoming increasingly sought out by marketers. This is because consumers, in the age of social media, are drawn to authentic and beautiful visuals. The social media age of consumers embraces the lifestyle, word of mouth, and experience of a product more than the product itself.

Here are some non-stocky websites that will allow you to leverage your business and become more authentic and beautiful.

Foap is a website that allows people to upload and sell photos for $10 per image. Simply take pictures on a phone and upload them on Foap, and then companies can purchase the work. Purchasers can buy a set of credits, then use those to buy these images. All they have to do is enter keywords on to the search bar and click on the image they want to use.

These are images real people took on cell phones, which makes them automatically authentic. They range from beautiful homey images to images of beautiful sceneries. You can add an image straight to cart or save it for later in a “lightbox.” Either way, Foap is a great resource to purchase affordable UGC images.

Similar to Foap, ShareRoot is a UGC image search website. The difference is this website allows you to search for, request, and post UGC images sourced directly from Twitter and Instagram. In other words: There isn’t a seller.

The ShareRoot user reaches out to the Instagram/Twitter handle via comment section or replying to the image post, and then waits for approval from the handle. When images are approved, they are saved in the approved section of the ShareRoot account and officially free to use.

ShareRoot is also a great website for real-time content: images of events, trending hashtags, and more. The downside is these images, which are not pre-approved like Foap images, may not be as high in quality.

This site was founded by two photographers with one mission: to create high quality photography (image packs) for mockups, blog posts, and social media. Every month a photo pack of 10 photos within a certain category gets delivered to your inbox for free. For $15 a month, you can access all Death to the Stock photos, including what’s stored in the cloud. Death to Stock Photos is a growing company, which constantly builds its library by sending photographers to different locations and producing breathtaking images. adds hundreds of images per week, and all photos are released under creative commons public domain (which means they are safe to use). Similar to Death to the Stock, this site produces beautiful imageries of different categories and situations. Stocksnap is yet another great alternative from the standard stock imagery.

What are some alternative websites you use for photography?

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