February 1, 2016

UPDATE: Snapchat Adds Personalized URLS


Last week, Snapchat released an update that will break down the barrier to entry for many brands.

Snapchat has traditionally been difficult for new users to pick up because its user experience doesn’t follow traditional paths. One aspect many have called clunky is the process of adding new friends. Until now, it has required multiple-step processes such as snapping pictures of Snapcodes, adding names from personal address books or adding via username after typing out the whole thing. Each requires multiple steps or permissions, so the barrier to entry was quite high.

But Snapchat now allows users to add friends or followers through a customized URL. You can easily find it by going to “Add Friends” and “Share Username.”

If you now share http://www.snapchat.com/add/USERNAME, it will direct people to that user’s profile and add them (see below)! It’s clunky if they click via desktop, but who even uses those anymore?

Brands face many challenges on Snapchat such as content creation and one-on-one communication. But growing an audience just got easier, and those other things should come in time.

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