July 21, 2016

Why You Should Use Social Media in the Hiring Process

Why should companies be turning to social media as part of their hiring process?

The tried-and-true process that the everyday HR department utilizes to hire new employees might become outdated in the upcoming years due to more companies using social media for recruitment. Filling out an application, submitting a resume, and uploading a cover letter will be seen as an obsolete system that does not capture the entirety of an applicant’s skills and characteristics.

So what will companies turn to in order to find this information? Today, social media has become one of the many ways that employers can gain insights into the worlds of their applicants. Here are a few additional questions to ask before turning to social media for your hiring process.

Who should you be looking for with social media applications?

Millennials are the target audience for this type of job application. Now that many Millennials have graduated college and are off on their search for a full-time job, companies are capitalizing on the fact that Millennials have grown up on social media, by tying their hiring process to it.

If your company is looking to hire young, imaginative and creative talent, why not use a social media platform like Snapchat to let these candidates express themselves and show you (rather than tell you) what skills they have? Online retail company Everlane tried just this. Their job post “encourages interested applicants to make Snapchat stories to show why they would be perfect for any open positions with the company.” This allows the employer to get a better view of who their candidates are and whether or not they seem like a good fit for the company.

What does hiring through social media do for your appearance as a company?

Through the eyes of a Millennial, a company that has a strong social media presence is extremely appealing! More so, if a company is hiring through social media, that is an opportunity that can’t be missed. Many believe it’s “cool” and “hip” to be able to tell their friends that they just applied to a job by snapping a picture on Snapchat or creating an insane YouTube video. More than likely, more applicants will flock to that company rather than a company with the traditional “Submit Your Application and Resume Here” button on their website without further interaction. More candidates means more chances at finding the perfect fit for the role you are looking to fill.

Will using Social Media turn away applicants that aren’t Millennials?

Using social media does not only help to find young applicants fresh out of college. If you have older applicants applying for roles through social media, this can tell you many things. For one, if an older individual is social media savvy, that tells the employer that this candidate is good at adapting to change because social media is without a doubt a fast-changing sector. Moreover, even if they are not the best at using social media to present themselves, it tells the employer that this candidate is willing to put in the effort to learn new things, as social media is still quite a new concept for many businesses and individuals.

All in all, social media is starting to look like the next best way for recruiters to gain more insight into the lives of potential employees. It allows for creativity and a different way of determining whether or not an individual is a good fit for the company. For the recruiters out there, try something new and different. The more interesting the job “application” is, the more information you will receive about applicants.

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