August 22, 2017

How to Write the Perfect Twitter Bio: 2017 Edition

Michelle Greenbaum


“Tell us a little bit about yourself. Now cut that in half… Now cut that in half again. Hey, we said a little bit!” –Twitter

Okay, Twitter didn’t say that, but that’s basically what they meant when they gave us 160 characters to define who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It can be difficult to explain everything about you or your brand in so few words, so here we share some of our tried-and-true methods to help you find the right words.

For Brands

Are you running a service-oriented support account? Or are you on the platform to market and entertain? Your brand’s Twitter bio should set these expectations. Mandatories for support accounts include on-duty hours, a dedicated email address for inquiries, and if you serve multiple markets, the languages you’re able to support. Once the basics are taken care of, you can use the rest of the characters available to let your brand’s personality shine.

Remember: Social media revolves around people. Nobody wants to talk to a company; they want to talk to a human. That means copying and pasting your brand’s mission statement into your bio won’t do the trick. Use an authentic voice to tell what your company does, not what your company is.

✖ Food Delivery Service
✔ Feeding hungry couch potatoes across America.

✖ Laundry Detergent Pen
✔ Saving your stained shirt from ruining first dates and job interviews.

✖ Coffee Beans
✔ Preparing you for civilization one morning at a time.

Make sure the tone of your brand’s bio mimics what fans will see in the feed—if they like what they read, they’ll be motivated to follow you for more.

For Professionals

“Millennial” and “multihyphenate” are synonymous. (I’m looking at you, Student-Athlete-Brother-Dog Dad.) Your Twitter bio is the perfect place to show off your accomplishments, but there is some fine tuning you can do to sound less packaged and more real. Here are three tips.

1. Avoid buzzwords like guru, innovative, and enthusiast.

  • Instead of declaring yourself a “chocoholic,” tell us about the best dessert you’ve ever eaten.

2. Say what you are, not what you wish you were.

  • You’re not just an “aspiring musician,” you “convinced the local old folks’ home to give you a weekly gig.”

3. Use keywords, hashtags, mentions, and links.

  • “Once cried in public after high-fiving @MarcusMariota at a bar. ? #GoDucks”


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