August 18, 2017

Three Reasons to Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages


For large corporations, one of the most exciting and underutilized features on LinkedIn are Showcase Pages. These Pages allow a company that has multiple business units or LOBs, such as a national bank that with individual business units for investments, small business, and commercial clients, create separate social presences while maintaining just one main enterprise account. This delivers the following three key benefits:

1: Drive Engagement to a Tailored Audience

Some business unit messaging may not be right for a brand’s main page. Showcase Pages allow you to post tailored and more frequent messages relevant to a specific audience segment. Rather than showing content to unqualified targets, Showcase Pages allow you to create and distribute content to the audience you want to reach.

2: Build a Following of Qualified Consumers

Users can follow a Showcase Page the same way they follow a brand account. This allows them to receive updates from the Showcase Page in their feeds. By building separate follower communities, brands can more effectively distribute specific messaging about their businesses.

3: Promote Content from the Showcase Page

Brands can promote content directly from a Showcase Page to consumers using LinkedIn’s native advertising platform. This allows brands to craft targeted advertisements from published posts. In the past, to avoid mixing communication across business units, companies had to promote “dark” unpublished posts from the main brand page. Now Showcase Pages give marketers the option to promote published content while maintaining clarity of messaging.

Showcase Pages can also be useful for supporting big campaigns or long-term initiatives, such as corporate philanthropy activity or company culture. Despite their utility, Showcase Pages should be used selectively; once a company launches a Page, it needs to devote resources to update it regularly with content and maintain ongoing community management.


Tags: Best Practices, Community Management, Content Marketing, LinkedIn

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