August 8, 2017

How to Win the Holidays on Facebook


Hot, sweltering temperatures mean one thing to marketers (other than Summer Fridays) — it’s time to start planning those big holiday campaigns. We attended a Facebook event in mid-July that featured a seminar around “Holiday Hacks,” hosted by Narain Jhangiani-Jashanmal, Facebook’s Manager of DR Product Marketing NA.

Here are six notable takeaways to help you create the most impactful holiday season ever.

  1. 2016 was the first year Facebook saw more mobile conversions (53%) than desktop conversions, an 8% increase from the previous year.
  2. The average iPhone user unlocks his/her phone 80+ times per day, changing the conversation from “I’m going shopping” to “I’m always shopping.” Mobile should no longer be perceived as a technology, but rather, as a consumer behavior.
  3. People convert 13% faster on mobile than desktop. Easier use and fewer steps, coupled with the fact that more shoppers are making purchases on their phones, means that mobile optimization is no longer a nicety. It is a necessity.
  4. In a survey of global shoppers, 40% said they use smartphones when shopping in-store during the holiday season. Among the most common reasons people use their phones while shopping in-store include to compare prices or products, take photos, read product reviews, and look for in-store discounts. A strong digital presence is therefore crucial, even when your customers are already in the building.
  5. 49% of people globally say Facebook is influential in their holiday shopping. 28% say Instagram is influential in their holiday shopping. Businesses should not undervalue the importance of putting out unique, engaging, visually-appealing content on both of these platforms throughout the holiday season.
  6. 65% of shoppers say they plan to shop after Christmas. With extra holiday cash in hand, many shoppers hit the stores in January, a potentially big month for retailers. Marketers should factor this into their plans when outlining their promotional calendars.

In sum, if your site isn’t already mobile-optimized, get that project greenlit now. If you own a retail store, finding ways to bridge the gap between online and in-store browsing and shopping will pay dividends. Take these two key steps on the commerce side, then build strong, compelling social creative, and you are looking at a very happy holiday indeed.


Tags: Best Practices, Content Marketing, Facebook, Holiday, Instagram

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