December 15, 2020

Our 2020 Social Media Wish List

Christina Sirabella

Dear Social Media Santa,

2020 has been wild! With everything that happened in the world this year, we’re grateful that you were still able to give us some great platform updates such as TikTok analytics tools, Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight, and so many shopping features. Oh, and how could we forget removing the 20% rule for ads on Facebook?!

We’re sure you have a lot of lists to read and wishes to fulfill—but if you have time, we’d love for you to take a look at ours.

1. Improved Fact Checking

Did you know that today, one in five U.S. adults mostly uses social media to stay current on news? That means that it’s more important than ever for the social platforms to ensure misinformation isn’t being spread on their sites. Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms did take measures this year in terms of fact checking COVID-19 information as well as information about the 2020 election. But, with 49 percent of people reporting they’ve shared news online which they later found was made up, it’s clearly a bigger issue than many are giving it credit for—and we want the networks to take more responsibility and act accordingly.

2. More TikTok Features

What would 2020 have been without TikTok? The app, which had a meteoric rise in 2019, got even more popular this year when millions more people discovered it while quarantined at home. We obviously love it, but there are just a few more things we’d like to see: the ability to edit captions, a threads feature (like on Twitter!) for multiple videos, a playlists feature for series, a “watch later” section, and—if you’re feeling extra nice—maybe even the option for automatic scrolling (you know, for when you’re eating and ‘toking at the same time).

3. Better Search & List Features on Instagram

Says Melissa, one of our community managers, “I’d love a better native hashtag search functionality. I want to be able to search for posts that may mention two specific hashtags (not just one) for research on audience trends/behavior and for easier proactive outreach.”

A “search by account type” feature—where you could search phrases like “mom,” “New England,” “fit foodie,” etc.—would also be useful when it comes to influencer sourcing. In addition, it would be convenient to be able to make “lists” of the people you follow, like a “friends” list, an “influencers” list, or a “house inspo” list.

4. Clickable Links in Instagram In-Feed Post Copy

If you have any pull within the Instagram software engineer community, ask them this: If it’s possible to have clickable links in profile bios and swipe up links in Stories, why can’t we have clickable links in regular post copy?! By now, we’ve all adapted to the whole “link in bio” thing—but it’s certainly not ideal.

5. The Ability to Edit a Tweet

It’s 2020. We have 280 characters, we have dark mode, we have read receipts and reactions in DMs, we even have Fleets—but we still can’t edit a tweet. Need we say more?


Thanks for reading our list, Social Media Santa! We understand if you can’t make all of our wishes happen, but we’d appreciate it if you could at least mention some of them to the elves. Oh, and by the way, we thought we’d do a little bit of an “internet” theme for your treats this year. Like ‘em?


Have more wishes that we didn’t include? Tweet us @LikeableMedia to share your list!

Tags: Community Management, Consumer Insights, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Trends, Twitter

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